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Oil Wrestling Video OL-010 Taylor vs. Megan

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Running Time: 17:57 (mm:ss)

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Taylor and Megan start this video by oiling themselves up for the camera. First Megan oils herself, then Taylor oils herself, then Megan oiling Taylor, and finally Taylor oiling Megan. The ladies really seem to enjoy applying it and how the oil feels when their bodies press together and slip and slide. In spite of that though, they really do have quite a competitive battle as they slip in and out of sexy reverse body scissors, full nelsons and very hot body to body pins.

Taylor is very strong, athletic and feisty for a small girl. Wrestling comes very natural to her, and she enjoys squeezing Megan as long as she can before Megan slips away and the fight continues to wage back and forth.

In a matter of minutes the ladies are topless, and about halfway through the fight wind up completely nude. This video's almost a candidate for our erotic fighting category, but the wrestling stays competitive in spite of the sex fighting tactics that are incorporated before and after the girls get naked. Taylor's leg lock-combination-pussy grind hold has Megan in some very serious trouble.

For fans of either sexy or competitive oil wrestling, this video's a must! Great scissors throughout this entire match; oftentimes, the girls found themselves both caught in each other's reverse body and head scissors. Watching these hot girls with their beautiful, shining, slick bodies rolling all over each other as they struggle to squeeze a submission out of the other one, which isn't easy to do in this much oil, will have you glued to your television or computer screen.

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